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Genetic introgression of cultured rainbow trout in the Mexican native trout complex

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2014
Authors:M. A. Escalante, García-De-León, F. J., Dillman, C. B., Camarillo, Ade los San, George, A., Barriga-Sosa, Ide los A., Ruiz-Luna, A., Mayden, R. L., Manel, S.
Journal:Conservation Genetics
Pagination:1063 - 1071
Date Published:2014/10/01/
ISBN Number:1566-0621
Keywords:Genetic hybridization, genetic introgression, Mexican trout, Northwestern Mexico, rainbow trout, Sierra Madre Occidental, Truchas Mexicanas

The Mexican native trout complex is the group of salmonids that naturally has the southernmost distribution in the world. Despite its unique status and evidence of more than 13 distinct lineages, there are only two described species (Oncorhynchus mykiss nelsoni and O. chrysogaster). These fishes are threatened by environmental and anthropogenic factors, most notably the introduction of the exotic species O. mykiss (rainbow trout) for aquaculture. Here we applied population genetics analysis in 1,017 wild and cultured trout to understand the extent of genetic introgression of rainbow trout in Mexican native trout. Present results indicate a high degree of introgression and genetic admixture among introduced rainbow trout and some populations of Mexican native trout, exposing them to loss of genetic diversity. Thus, introduction of exotic trout for aquaculture purposes must be strictly regulated or avoided and we advise the use of native trout for aquaculture.

Short Title:Conserv Genet
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