Truchas Mexicanas

estudiando y trabajando para la descripción y conservación de las diversas truchas nativas de México

About Us

Truchas Mexicanas (Spanish for "Mexican Trout") is a large, binational, collaborative and interdisciplinary group (see link to the list of partiicipants in the menu to the left, and the individual biographies provided by some members) dedicated to the study, conservation and dissemination of Information about Mexico's diverse native trout. We have been exploring the Sierra Madre Occidental where they live since the 1970s, collecting specimens and related data from near the international border to the rivers with mouths just south of Mazatlán. We are now working on scientific descriptions of the many new species we have discovered, and on providing the scientific knowledge needed to promote and enable conservation of their habitats and assure long-term sustainability of healthy, wild populations of all. ALL CONTENT HERE IS PRELIMINARY AND CONTINUING TO EVOLVE. CONTACT TRUCHAS MEXICANAS FOR MORE INFORMATION.

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