Truchas Mexicanas

studying and working toward conservation of Mexico's diverse native trout

Site setup notes and issues 1

Issues still to deal with:

1. polygons entered in Species Descriptions editor are not saved.

2. Google Map settings in Configuration setting set to 28, -107, but does not move center point of map view on opening.

3. sometimes species description content entered in Excel after downloading existing content does not get added to account via importation.

4. after several import/export series I noticed one species description had duplicate text (separated by | [pipe character]) in each field. Not sure what's going on with that, but not visible online (except in home page list of recent additions in right column, there are two records for this species, perhaps due to this). 

5. Can't figure out how to insert links to bibliography in text (i.e. in-text citations) in species descriptions. See further notes on this in species description overview for O. chrysogaster.

Issues resolved and how:

1. I wanted to change authorship of species descriptions and eventually discovered that is an operation option in the Content/Species Description edit view ( I changed authorship of Bavispe Trout (nsp01) from me (by virtue of creation) to Joe. This could easily be done for long lists of accounts - i.e. I could create them all and easily change authorship as others started filling in content.

Notes/links to handy stuff:

1. Re work flow and examples of species descriptions done in Scratchpads -

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